Customer Care

I’ve collected my car, but the parcel shelf is missing?

In some cases, a parcel shelf may not be sold with the car, we can check using images of the car from the advert. All our cars are priced according to age, mileage and condition of the vehicle.
Please email our Customer Support team on or

I’ve collected my car, but a document is missing?

Before contacting us, please check whether this document is listed on the Handover Checklist that you signed at collection. We pass on all documents we receive when we acquire the car. If you believe a document is still missing, then please email our Customer Support
team on or

I’ve collected my car and the Sat Nav doesn’t work?

We pass on all items we receive when we acquire the car. If your Sat Nav is missing the card, then please email the Customer Support team on or

Does my car have an owner’s manual?

Before contacting us, please check whether the manual was provided by the Handover colleague at collection. We pass on all documents we receive when we acquire the car. If you believe a document is still missing, then please email our Customer Support team on or

Where is the locking wheel nut key?

You will have been shown the locking wheel nut key on Handover and signed the check sheet. Usually, the key is left in the glove box of the car. If you believe it is still missing, please contact our Customer Support team by email on or

The floor mats are missing in my car?

In some cases, floor mats may not be sold with the car or may be in a poor condition. If this is the case, we will place the good mats in the boot so you may use them if you wish to or replace at your own expense.

I’ve experienced a fault with my car – what should I do?

Please email the Customer Support team on or to tell us about your issues and to allow us the opportunity to address your concerns.

I’ve a problem with my car but the Customer Support team are closed?

The Customer Support team are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Please send an email to or with details of your registration, any issue you have and the current mileage and a member of aftersales will respond to you.

How do I make a warranty claim?

It is important that you contact us before any repair work is started. To report a fault or potential fault, to arrange a repair or service booking please contact the Customer Support team on or

90 Days / 3000 miles – whichever comes first! Premier Car Supermarket Warranty

If a repair is required to your car that is not covered under your statutory protection and the fault
occurs within 90 days or 3,000 from collection as stated on your handover checklist, then you are
entitled to a free of charge repair, unless it is a serviceable item and it is not excluded as detailed
below (a)
We will be making a booking at a convenient time to inspect and diagnose the fault.
If the vehicle has a breakdown after 30 days since purchase and cannot be driven to us, we have no
provision for recovery. The responsibility for recovery is with the owner of the vehicle. If you bought
an extended warranty breakdown is included so, please refer to them to arrange recovery.
(a) 90 days, 3000 Miles Premier Car Supermarket Warranty exclusions:
i. A part that is covered under manufacturer or third-party warranty.
ii. All bodywork, interior/exterior trim, paint, glass (including heating elements) weather strips,
rubber seals, upholstery, carpets, wiper arms/blades, wheels, wheel alignment and
balancing, tyres.
iii. Brake discs, brake pads, brake linings/shoes.
iv. Working materials (such as oil) – unless required to be replaced due to the failure of a
covered part.
v. Electrical accessories – bulbs, lamps/lenses, and fuses.
vi. All batteries, inclusive of the key battery.
vii. Clutch – where condition or fault is due to the clutch being burnt out or wear and tear.
viii. Only the named person and vehicle stated on the sales invoice will benefit from cover and
there is no provision for cover to be extended, transferred, or assigned.
ix. We are unable to offer assistance on this warranty for vehicles outside of the UK, and if your
vehicle is outside the UK and requires repair it is not covered.
(b) We will not be liable for any damage arising from intentional misuse or improper acts, operator
neglect or failure by the owner to keep the vehicle in a safe and roadworthy condition. Damage
resulting from mis-fuelling or contaminated fuel or modifications made to the vehicle during your
(c) We reserve the right to use reconditioned parts to complete any agreed repair.
(d) There is no guaranteed provision made for a courtesy vehicle whilst your vehicle is undergoing
investigation, diagnosis, or repair.

How many keys will my car have?

All cars are sold with one working key. If you are passed two keys on handover the second is a spare and may need recoding.

What is the Pre-Delivery Inspection

The 50 point pre-delivery inspection ensures the vehicle is to a standard that would pass an MOT

Diesel Particulate Filter

This is a filter designed to remove soot from exhaust gases. Its function means that it requires periodic maintenance called regeneration to burn off soot content within the filter. Most vehicles are fitted with a warning light to advise when regeneration is required and this may also cause the engine management light to become illuminated and in some cases the vehicle will go into 'limp mode' as a precautionary measure until the regeneration is carried out.
Following regeneration warning light codes may be displayed and cleared
Warning lights, which become illuminated when regeneration is necessary, do not indicate that there is a fault with the vehicle but that routine maintenance is necessary. There is no way of identifying when regeneration will become necessary as there are many factors which can influence the frequency at which it will be required.

My diesel car has a engine warning light on

A diesel car has a filter to remove the soot from exhaust gases. As regeneration can only take place when the vehicle is operating at its running temperature constant short journeys will obviously decrease the length of time between regenerations becoming necessary, running a vehicle on low fuel levels will also mean that regeneration will not take place as the engine management system will not allow the extra fuel required to carry out regeneration to be used.
Important : if your vehicle will be regularly used for short journeys it is very important that periodically it is taken o n a long run with adequate fuel to prevent the necessity for frequent regeneration.
We suggest a drive of approx. 30 mins, at a constant speed of 50mph or above at least once a week.

Transferable Manufactures' Warranty

Any manufactuer's warranty that is transferable upon purchase of a car will be subject to t&c's. Please refer to the individual manufactures for their terms and conditions which may be effected by missed or incorrect service history and exclusions which may apply.